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              This charity auction, launched to raise research funds and combat Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is a very influential event in the watch industry in the past ten years. It has attracted more people’s attention to the field of high-end watches. It is also true that Luc won this award. Well deserved.116710BLNR has been discontinued, and the market price has been up to 110,000.Cartier’s official warranty is extended to the Le Locle series of stainless steel rose gold-plated mechanical men’s watches more than 20 years ago. I heard about the Swiss Tissot watch for the first time. If you hen't seen the product, you will feel that it is a very good brand, 'Tissot, Tissot, World Shuttle...', what kind of pattern and tolerance is this?





              So everyone actually just took out the wallets in their pockets. Brothers continue to work hard to make money and buy hard work.Originally I wanted to end this topic with consumption upgrades, but after talking with Zhang Fan yesterday, I deliberately checked the M2 value of the past ten years, 4 times, which means that on the basis of inflation, we are bre and chase Went on a watch that might not be able to afford 10 years ago.Longines Master Series Annual Calendar Watch Longines is a high-profile brand, especially in the Chinese market.



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